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The Emirates Foundation Youth Mentoring Platform is a new initiative aimed at encouraging and motivating Emirati youth through the shared knowledge and experience of senior community mentors, who have made positive contributions to UAE society.

Through its educational and inspiring setting, the platform aims to enhance the experience of UAE youth through building their awareness of community needs and sharpening their skill-sets. By connecting UAE youth to positive role models, the platform creates a proactive opportunity for youth to be engaged and involved in their personal and professional development.

The Mentoring Platform aims to encourage and motivate Emirati youth to choose the right field of education and pursue their chosen career assisted by senior business mentors from various sectors.

The platform builds bridges linking youth with ongoing access to professional mentors who help fast-track their potential.

All mentors are inspiring role models who motivate, encourage and guide Emirati youth through positive discussions. They’ll share their life and work experiences to raise awareness of challenges and spark mentees passion for their personal and professional development.